9 Craigiefield Park
KW15 1TE

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No. 9 Craigiefield Park is part of a small group of modern single storey houses situated on the North East edge of Kirkwall bay. The small group of houses were developed next to the large two storey Victorian dwelling known as Craigiefield House.

No. 9 is a minute drive or a twenty-minute walk along the waterfront to the city centre and the harbour. The houses are separated from the town by a sea side grass park overlooking the bay which in the summer time is popular with locals and tourists alike. The park is an area of interest for watching cruise ships during the season and a varity of passing yachets, boats and ferries all year round as they make their way in and out of the harbour. There is a local bus service which passes every hour during working hours in weekdays and the nearest stop is 100 meters from No. 9.

The house is a short drive from the Hatston Ferry Terminal where the Aberdeen, Scotland and Lerwick, Shetland ferry berths in its night time sailing. The two-other mainland Scotland ferry terminals at Stromness and St. Margret's Hope are both around a twenty-five-minute drive away. The airport is a ten-minute drive away by car or taxi and a local bus is also available to the city.

Kirkwall has an impressive cathedral with a very interesting history. With the Cathedral, Kirkwall holds city status but to most of the visitors the city would probably be classed as a small town as the population of Kirkwall is around 9,000 with the mainland of Orkney, including Kirkwall having a population of just over 17,000.

Orkney is situated at the junction of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, there is an exceptional history and with pioneering activities regarding the sciences of wind and wave power Orkney looks forward to being an important player in the future. Book a trip to Orkney, you won't be disappointed.