No. 9 Craigiefield Park is part of a small group of houses situated on the north east edge of Kirkwall Bay. Along side the large victorian dwelling that forms Craigiefield House.

No.9 is a one minute drive or a fifteen minute walk along the waterfront from the harbour. The area is separated from the main town by a small grass park overlooking the bay which in the summer time is popular with tourists and locals alike. The park is an area of interest for watching cruise ships during the season and a veriety of passing yachts, boats and ferries all year round as they make their way in and out of the harbour.

The house is a short drive from the Hatston ferry terminal on the opposite side of the bay where passengers from Aberdeen and Lerwick disembark from the night time ferries. The other main ferry terminals at St. Margaret's Hope and Stromness are both around a twenty five minute drive away. The airport is ten minutes away by car or taxi and offers bus links to the town.